Attract and captivate your dream clients with ease and authenticity using energetically aligned messaging


A free 4-day training on Human Design-based marketing • June 13-16
    Activate your magnetism to attract your dream clients

    Draw people into you rather than having to chase them or use icky, unaligned marketing tactics

    Understanding your unique marketing archetype

    Leverage your Human Design to have messaging that’s as multidimensional as you are (which is why generic, copy-and-paste strategies haven’t worked!)

    Clarify and align your core messaging

    Understand how your unique gifts can help you stand out online and engage people who want to buy from you

    Write more effective and compelling copy

    Tap into your inspired messaging that leads to consistent new lead enquiries and selling out your offers

    Stand out as an impactful leader in your industry

    Make your content and messaging relevant to the people who need your gifts and impact

    Generate more leads and sales with ease

    Attract the right people by understanding and using different types of content intentionally

    This is for you if

    • You are a soul-driven business owner with an online presence: a healer, energy worker, astrology practitioner, energetically-aware coach or service provider, etc
    • You're ready to unlock your unique gifts and individuality in order to grow your personal brand and stand out online
    • You are clear on the offer you sell but feel like your messaging is either unaligned or not converting as well as you'd like it to be
    • You are driven and a self-starter in your first few years of your business and feel ready to grow your audience
    • You do not resonate the shady bro marketing tactics OR the toxic woo marketing tactics out there and desire a more authentic way of connecting, marketing, and selling

    This is NOT for you if

    • QYou do not see the value using energetics in your business or marketing
    • QYou are already generating consistent income online and feel as though your messaging is aligned well to you and your energty
    • QYou are not clear on the offer you sell yet
    • QThis is not the right time for you to focus on growing your audience or expand your pool of leads
    • QYou are unwilling to move away from false scarcity and fomo tactics like clickbait, using money as your primary marketing tool, etc

    The Schedule

    magnetic messaging marketing by human design

    Magnetic Messaging

    A free 4-day training on Human Design-based messaging • June 13-16

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